the witness hereinbefore named, having been previously cautioned and sworn, or affirmed, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth testified as follows:


(501) 372-5115

Page 15

1 blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Okay. And then what would be your actions following the

2 blank.gif - 0.0 K arrival there when the -- after the cargo was unloaded; did you

3 blank.gif - 0.0 K stay the night, or would you immediately turn around an return

4 blank.gif - 0.0 K to the United States? What was your --

5 blank.gif - 0.0 K A. No, we always stayed the night. Generally we would stay

6 blank.gif - 0.0 K just one night, there were times when we stayed two or three.

7 blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Now, you would stay a night or a couple of days and you

8blank.gif - 0.0 K returned. And would you return with cargo?

9blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, we would. We would come back with individuals,

10blank.gif - 0.0 K and from time-to-time unmarked boxes of items that were put in

11blank.gif - 0.0 K one aircraft along with the individuals. Now, being

12blank.gif - 0.0 K conservative by nature and not having a death-wish, I opened the

13blank.gif - 0.0 K boxes on a number of occasions to find out what I was flying.

14blank.gif - 0.0 K And what --

15blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. What did you discover the cargo to be?

16blank.gif - 0.0 K A. I found the cargo to be cocaine, in some cases marijuana.

17blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. How, would you describe what you saw when you opened the

18blank.gif - 0.0 K boxes?

19blank.gif - 0.0 K A. What I saw when I opened the boxes were plastic bags filled

20blank.gif - 0.0 K with a white powdery substance. On one occasion I wanted to

21blank.gif - 0.0 K know more about what it was, so I cut one of them open and

22blank.gif - 0.0 K tasted it; and I have tasted cocaine in a controlled environment

23blank.gif - 0.0 K before at the request of law enforcement officials, so this --

24blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. So you positively identified the substances that you were

25blank.gif - 0.0 K carrying as cocaine?


(501) 372-5115

Page 16

1blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, I did.

2blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. How much cocaine would you judge that you were carrying?

3blank.gif - 0.0 K A. In the course of time there?

4blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Well, in each load?

5blank.gif - 0.0 K A. In each load, 4 to 600 pounds.

6blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. 4 to 600 pounds. And did you see people loading this cargo

7blank.gif - 0.0 K of cocaine onto the airplane?

8blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, I did.

9blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And who -- can you identify those people?

10blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Those were Panamanian Defense Force soldiers. They were in

11blank.gif - 0.0 K military uniform and easily identifiable as such.

12blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. The same people that took the guns off, put the cocaine on?

13blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Absolutely.

14blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Is that right?

15blank.gif - 0.0 K A. That's correct.

16blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Now, what would you do with the load of cocaine once it was

17blank.gif - 0.0 K loaded onto your C-130; where would you go with it?

18blank.gif - 0.0 K A. We would bring it to Mena, Arkansas.

19blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And how long would it take you to fly to Mena?

20blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Four to six hours, depending on the wind.

21blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And you have a flight log that would identify this flight?

22blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, I would.

23blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Each one of the flights?

24blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, I do.

25blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And when you landed at Mena, what would be the disposition


(501) 372-5115

Page 17

1blank.gif - 0.0 K of the cargo?

2blank.gif - 0.0 K A. On one or two occasions the cargo was taken off by people

3blank.gif - 0.0 K who were not residents of the Mena area and put into other

4blank.gif - 0.0 K aircraft which departed from there. However, the most frequent

5blank.gif - 0.0 K activity was that the aircraft would be unloaded in front of

6blank.gif - 0.0 K Rich Mountain Aviationís hangers and it would be stored in the

7blank.gif - 0.0 K back of the hanger.

8blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. The cocaine would be stored in the hanger of Rich Mountain

9blank.gif - 0.0 K Aviation?

10blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir. I, in fact, saw it being put in.

11blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And who did you see putting the cocaine into the hanger?

12blank.gif - 0.0 K A. The man that was directing it was Freddie Hampton.

13blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Freddie Hampton?

14blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Thatís correct.

15blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Is that the same Freddie Hampton that you described a

16blank.gif - 0.0 K minute ago as the owner of Rich Mountain Aviation?

17blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, it is.

18blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Now, letís take each one of these trips separately. And we

19blank.gif - 0.0 K can identify these trips, I presume, by your travel logs, flight

20blank.gif - 0.0 K logs?

21blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, we can.

22blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And go back in your mind to the first trip you took and describe to me

23blank.gif - 0.0 K the disposition of the cargo; that is, the

24blank.gif - 0.0 K cocaine, once it returned to Arkansas, once it was delivered to

25blank.gif - 0.0 K Arkansas? And I am especially -- I am particularly interested


(501) 372-5115

Page 18

1blank.gif - 0.0 K in the identification of persons other than Freddie Hampton.

2blank.gif - 0.0 K You've talked about Freddie Hampton. You've identified him.

3blank.gif - 0.0 K Can you identify other people who might have received this

4blank.gif - 0.0 K cocaine?

5blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes. I can identify people who in fact received the

6blank.gif - 0.0 K cocaine, not "might have." And --

7blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Can you tell us who they were?

8blank.gif - 0.0 K A. I can tell you that they were members of John Gotti's

9blank.gif - 0.0 K family in New York. One of them was an individual know to me

10blank.gif - 0.0 K by the name of Sal Reale.

11blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Could you spell that name for us?

12blank.gif - 0.0 K A. R-E-A-L-E.

13blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Sal Reale?

14blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Salvatore Reale.

15blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Salvatore Reale?

16 blank.gif - 0.0 KA. Correct.

17blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And how did you know Mr. Reale?

18blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Mr. Reale at that time was the Director of -- I believe it

19blank.gif - 0.0 K was that time, was the Director of Security of Kennedy

20blank.gif - 0.0 K International in New York City.

21blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. In New York City. Speak to the subject of your knowledge

22blank.gif - 0.0 K of Mr. Reale and his activities as the head of security at

23blank.gif - 0.0 K Kennedy? Tell us what you know about him and what he did?

24blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Okay. Mr. Reale was a -- was one of Mr. Gotti's

25 blank.gif - 0.0 K lieutenants. I watched the two of them interact. Mr. Gotti


(501) 372-5115

Page 19

1blank.gif - 0.0 K would provide directions, Mr. Reale would carry them out. It

2blank.gif - 0.0 K was his job to make sure that cargo being shipped through

3blank.gif - 0.0 K Kennedy was not lost, but properly located, and in some cases

4blank.gif - 0.0 K avoiding customs -- avoided the customs procedures.

5blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Are you saying that you saw Mr. John Gotti, the famous head

6blank.gif - 0.0 K of the organized crime syndicate, in New York together with Mr.

7blank.gif - 0.0 K Reale?

8blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir, I did.

9blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Where did you see them?

10blank.gif - 0.0 K A. That was in New York City.

11blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. In New York City. What was the occasion that permitted you

12blank.gif - 0.0 K to see them together, do you recall?

13blank.gif - 0.0 K A. I donít recall the nature of it. I do recall it was a

14blank.gif - 0.0 K private club that I was taken to, and I had an opportunity to

15blank.gif - 0.0 K meet with them at that time.

16blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And so -- okay. Do you remember when it was you saw them

17blank.gif - 0.0 K together?

18blank.gif - 0.0 K A. It was either late Ď84 or early 1985. But in that three or

19blank.gif - 0.0 K four month time span, it would have had to have been one or the

20blank.gif - 0.0 K other.

21blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Was your notice of Mr. Gotti and Mr. Reale in any way

22blank.gif - 0.0 K connected with your contractual job with the Central

23blank.gif - 0.0 K Intelligence Agency?

24blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes. As far back as 1968 and early Ď69, we had begun to

25blank.gif - 0.0 K launder money from organized crime families in New York. At


(501) 372-5115

Page 20

1blank.gif - 0.0 K that time Mr. Gotti was an up and coming member of one of the

2blank.gif - 0.0 K families. I got to know them at that time. We used to wash

3blank.gif - 0.0 K their money out overseas and put it in Switzerland in nice, safe

4blank.gif - 0.0 K places for them.

5blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. So you worked for Mr. Gotti as well as for the CIA?

6blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Actually the CIA told me to do that on his behalf.

7blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. So the CIA was in, would you say, partnership or

8blank.gif - 0.0 K association with Mr. Gotti?

9blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir. I would say a partnership.

10blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And can you describe the nature of that partnership?

11blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Sure. The organized crime members had a need for two

12blank.gif - 0.0 K things: they needed drugs brought into the country on a

13blank.gif - 0.0 K reliable, safe basis; they needed people taken out of the

14blank.gif - 0.0 K country or people brought into the country without alerting

15blank.gif - 0.0 K customs or INS to the fact that they were being brought into the

16blank.gif - 0.0 K country, they also needed their money taken offshore so that it

17blank.gif - 0.0 K would not be subject to United States tax where they might have

18blank.gif - 0.0 K to declare its source. And so we performed these kinds of

19blank.gif - 0.0 K functions for them.

20blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Mr. Brenneke, are you saying that the CIA was in the

21blank.gif - 0.0 K business of bringing drugs into the United States?

22blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir. That's exactly what I'm saying.

23blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And that they were in partnership with John Gotti in this

24blank.gif - 0.0 K operation?

25blank.gif - 0.0 K A. I would say that they worked with Mr. Gotti and his


(501) 372-5115

Page 21

1blank.gif - 0.0 K organization very closely. Whether it was a formal partnership,

2blank.gif - 0.0 K I don't know. But there certainly was a close alliance between

3blank.gif - 0.0 K the two.

4blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. All right. Now, let's go back to Mena Airport in

5blank.gif - 0.0 K Arkansas for a moment. At a time when you saw Mr. Reale there,

6blank.gif - 0.0 K did he receive any of the shipment, the cargo of the drugs that

7blank.gif - 0.0 K you brought back from Panama?

8blank.gif - 0.0 K A. He did not personally take any of the drugs. He did,

9blank.gif - 0.0 K however, see that they were transferred into aircraft and

10blank.gif - 0.0 K vehicles so that they would be moved off the field, and that was

11blank.gif - 0.0 K his function. His function was not to load the vehicles, but to

12blank.gif - 0.0 K see that nothing got lost on transit.

13blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Are you saying that drugs that you brought back from

14blank.gif - 0.0 K Central America to Mena were for the purpose of delivery to Mr.

15blank.gif - 0.0 K Reale, who was in the employ of Mr. Gotti, the New York

16blank.gif - 0.0 K crime syndicate boss?

17blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir. I would say that.

18blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. And Mr. Reale was there to manage the transshipment of those

19blank.gif - 0.0 K drugs?

20blank.gif - 0.0 K A. From time-to-time there were other people from the family

21blank.gif - 0.0 K down there.

22blank.gif - 0.0 K Q. Did you have any conversations with him about where he

23blank.gif - 0.0 K intended to take those drugs?

24blank.gif - 0.0 K A. Yes, sir. I asked on more than one occasion where the

25 blank.gif - 0.0 Kdrugs would be taken, and I was told the New York City area,


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