FROM: CENTRAL PROTECTION INC    PHONE NO. : 455 0527     May 01 04 : 1998 35PM P1

May 1, 1998

Directed to the attention of:
Attorney John Wesley Hall
Attorney Darrin O'Quin

Dear Sirs;

I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused today. Obviously, there was some miscommunication about the day. I had understood Tuesday instead of today. More importantly I am concerned about a conversation I had with Jean Duffy when returning Mr. Hall's page this afternoon. I not now and have never been influenced, coerced or frightened by threats as conveyed by Ms. Duffy today. I would hope that Mr. Hall is unaware of the threat even though it was made from his office phone and after being placed on hold Mr. Hall never came to the phone.

Ms. Duffy made reference to a taped telephone conversation I had with Pat and made statements that I should attend a Sunday deposition or she would ruin me and "you need to remember what side you are on".

Gentlemen, there is not a side here there is only the truth and not Ms. Duffy or anyone else on either side of this case will change my testimony by threat or any other means. If I continue to receive harassment and or threats I think of to words that both of you will understand "Fifth Amendment". PLEASE NO MORE DAN HARMON TYPE TACTICS.

I do request to be furnished with a copy of the tape in question prior to my deposition. If I need to retain an attorney I will.


John H. Brown