Subject: Mena/Bottoms
        Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 18:19:17 -0600
        From: Mark Keesee 
Organization: ID Media
  Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

Posted for Jean Duffey:

> Subject: Jean Duffey is a manipulative liar > Date: 26 Jan 1997 17:08:04 -0800 > From: Bear Bottoms > Organization: Zip News > Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater > > Bear Bottoms Comment: > Read my previous posts. I have never said that > Bill Duncan ever agreed with me. Jean Duffey > told this to Bill Duncan on the telephone by her > own admission and post.

Yes, Billy, I did tell Bill Duncan you said he agrees with you about Mena being a hoax. But I wasn't referring to anything you posted - I rarely read your posts. I was referring to what you told my webmaster in the telephone conversation you two had on January 2, 1997. He recorded that conversation and you say you did also. So, listen to it, Billy. For the benefit of others, here's what you and Mark Keesee said, word for word:

BB: . . . the whole Mena affair is a hoax. MK: It is? BB: And a smoke screen. MK: Uh, huh. BB: And, uh, Russell Welch and Bill Duncan both know this now. And Terry Reed is a liar. And L.D. Brown is a liar. And, uh, Sally Denton and Roger Morris now know this. They wrote the story of the crimes of Mena. MK: Uh, huh. Have you talked to them? BB: Uh, I've been having e-mail correspondence with them.

Then later in the conversation, Billy, you say: "And I've talked with Russell Welch, uh, Russell's talked to Bill Duncan, and I've got, uh, information from them, correspondence from them, that, uh, Terry Reed is a liar, and that, uh, they, uh, basically have completely agreed that the whole Mena story is a hoax."

Additionally, here is an except from an e-mail you wrote to Linda Ives on January 2, 1997: "The Mena Myth is over. . . .The only two investigators who looked into Mena, Bill Duncan and Russell Welch, now know that Mena is a Myth."

One more time, Billy, what did you write up there at the top? You wrote, "I have never said that Bill Duncan ever agreed with me."

Here’s a previous statement I made: "I also had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bill Duncan last week. He said he has never talked to you directly, indirectly, or in any other form. Bill was very offended to hear that you are saying he agrees with you."

Here’s Billy’s response: "Why did you tell him I said I talked with him. I never said this. Why did you tell him I said he agreed with me? I never said this."

Billy, Billy Billy. Let's take another look at your statement to Mark over the telephone. You claimed you've talked to Russell Welch directly and to Bill Duncan indirectly (through Russell), and you say you've got "information/correspondence from them". . . and they "basically have agreed that the whole Mena story is a hoax."

Enough said. I think I've made my point. You've crossed the line of being a liar, Billy, you're pathological. I've caught you in numerous whoppers over this one post alone. You've never caught me in the simplest fib - none - zero - zilch - zippo, and you won't either, Billy, because the truth is the best weapon Linda Ives and I have. And I might add that it is you're accusations that are getting perilously close to malicious slander - remember, I'm the one telling the truth here - you're the one who lies. Your attempts at intimidation are laughable.

If anybody would like to confirm the contents of that telephone conversation, I will be happy to provide a copy of the entire tape for a couple of bucks and postage. It has been transcribed in its entirety and will be posted at by tomorrow.

If anyone wants verification of the excerpt of the e-mail Billy sent to Linda, our web-master will forward the entire e-mail upon request.

If anyone is interested in what else I have to say about Barry Seal, Billy Bottoms, and Mena, I wrote an expose for our website that Mark should have up by tomorrow. There, I have addressed the issues that matter to Linda Ives and me, Billy’s other rantings will have to go unanswered. I'm just not interested enough to dignify them.

Take a hint, Billy, you're a lying bore.