Subject: Mena/Bottoms
       Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 02:06:25 -0600
      From:  Mark Keesee 
Newsgroups:  alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

Posted for: Jean Duffey

Gee whiz, Billy. As my high school students would say, "take a chill pill." You don't seem to understand that dealing with you and your disinformation campaign is very low on our priorities list. You are, in fact, nonexistent on Linda Ives' list of concerns, and you are on my "ways to amuse myself list," and I simply don't have a lot of time for amusements. Frankly, I don't understand why we are so important to you. We must be hitting really close to the mark to keep you all riled up. You, of course, know what the truth is. Therefore, you know that we know it, too. What other explanation could there be for you to stay so hysterical over us, when we are basically ignoring you and going about our business. It simply doesn't matter to us what you say. We are more concerned with what we know to be true, and one of the things we know to be true is that you are a liar. Lies can't hurt us, Billy, but the truth is apparently hurting you.

I have decided to take the time this weekend to post on our website my take on your pathetic attempt to divert people from the truth. I spent this past Saturday afternoon with Russell Welch, and he in no way, shape, form, or fashion believes that "Mena is a hoax," or "a smoke screen," or "a myth." He says the only - THE ONLY - thing he agrees with you about is that Terry Reed is not who he says he is. However, Russell knows much of the information Reed reports is true, because Russell is the one who developed that information.

I also had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bill Duncan last week. He said he has never talked to you directly, indirectly, or in any other form. Bill was very offended to hear that you are saying he agrees with you. Bill suggested that we challenge you to come to Arkansas and take a lie detector test. You have been caught in too many lies, Billy, and the lies you told about Russell and Bill is just the beginning.

My personal opinion is that anyone who chooses to continue to listen to you is not a threat to those of us who are disseminating the truth. It is very transparent that you have been commissioned to spread disinformation, but whoever is paying you is wasting their money (or is it our tax money that is being wasted?) You're simply not very good at conducting a disinformation crusade, Billy. You're too obvious. First give-away; who could put the kind of time into spreading propaganda that you put in if it wasn't how you are earning your living. Even if I were amused with you enough to run in from work everyday and respond to you, I couldn't keep up. You're much too prolific. Second give-away; you're too interested in me, and Linda Ives, and our webmaster, Mark Keesee. If we're so wrong about what we are saying, why not ignore us the way we try to ignore you. We're not overly concerned about you. Why are you so frenzied about us? Third give-away; you lie. If the truth were truly important to you, you would protect your credibility at any cost the way Linda Ives and I do. It is my very strong belief that if you tell a lie, that makes you a liar, which makes it impossible for anyone to know when you're not lying. Linda and I are meticulous about sticking to facts and being truthful. You, Billy, are not only careless with the truth, you are an outright liar.

I'll deal with you this weekend on our website (www, which will have the transcription of the conversation you and Mark had. I can't believe you're anxious to see it put up. You contradict yourself in it and have lied about its contents.

If you wish to continue sparring with me, Billy, you'll just have to be more patient. I will get around to responding to your ridiculous ranting, as I said before, "when it amuses me to do so."

Jean Duffey