Subject: Jean Duffey responds to Bottoms
      Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 19:32:06 -0600
      From: Mark Keesee 
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

I have ignored William Bottoms for months, because my time is valuable and I don't like to waste it. However, when he e-mailed me via Linda Ives and my web site, he told audacious, outright lies about a conversation he had with my brother, Mark Keesee, who is also our webmaster. At first I resented being dragged into his disinformation campaign, but he apparently is not going to give it up. I was the topic of his January 4, 1997, post on this newsgroup, "Jean Duffy (sic) refuses resonable (sic) dialogue."

I really can't imagine why he's so worried about me. I have very little to say about Mena and don't claim to be an expert. But if he wants dialogue, he's got it, at least for as long as I am amused with it.

I'll start by responding to his January 7, 1997, post on this newsgroup.

Bottoms says: I have made new revelations about the GREAT MENA HOAX. No attempt to verify my claims, it appears, has been made. A lot of attempts to silence and discredit me have been made. Why? Don't get me wrong, I am not being sensitive.

My response: Well, of course, no attempts have been made to verify Bottoms. Anyone who launches a disinformation campaign should supply his own verification. And if he thinks anyone is trying to silence him, he is suffering from a case of paranoia. He is his own worst enemy; when he talks, he discredits himself. I'm not sure why Bottoms is opposed to being thought of as sensitive, but he has no problem with me. I don't consider a drug smuggler to be the sensitive type.

Bottoms: I couldn't have asked for a better response to my revelations. To anyone with any intelligence, it should show that there is a:"COVER UP THE MENA HOAX AT ANY COST CARTEL" running rampart on the internet, the mediia (sic), and within our government.

My response: I personally don't concern myself with anyone who buys into Bottoms' "hoax" campaign. It is undeniable that Mena was part of Barry Seal's drug smuggling organization, and even if one accepts Bottoms' insistence that the drugs he and Seal smuggled were dropped before their planes landed at Mena, so what? Seal's planes would not have been able to make their drug-runs if the Mena operation hadn't done it's part to modify, repair, and house the planes. Without the operations at Mena, there would have been no drug-smuggling, so where does Bottoms get off trying to minimize the culpability of Mena?

Bottoms: It is very easy to prove that I am who I say I am. It is very easy to prove that my revelations are true. Too easy in fact. Why hasn't that been attempted?

My response: I believe Bottoms is exactly who he says he is; that's one of the problems I have with him. He's a confessed drug smuggler who doesn't appear to feel much remorse for his crimes.

Bottoms: (a) After over ten years of controversy, a verifiable witness exposes hisself (sic) and the media ignores it. (b) The government ignores it. (c) The internet buffs try to discredit and silence it. Why?

My response: (a) Mainstream media, in my opinion, has fallen far short of doing their part to expose the corruption in our government, but they haven't stooped low enough to legitimize Bottoms. (b) Here Bottoms says the government is ignoring him, but he contradicts himself in an e-mail to me where he writes, "I have a host of credible government support to assure my assertions are accurate." Bottoms says whatever seems like the thing to say at the time, and his contradictions and lies are catching up to him. (c) It's been my belief that "internet buffs" who are seeking the truth know it when they see it, and Bottoms is not it.

Bottoms: This is a rare opportunity to disclose a CONSPIRACY HOAX and the people behind it. It is also a good opportunity to ask why the smoke screen was there for so long when mounds of known evidence existed to debunk it. What is it hiding? Who hid behind it?

My response: Beats the heck out of me. However, when these same questions are asked about covering up of the crimes of Mena, the answers come easily, and, more importantly, they make sense.

Bottoms: I can list many of the members of the "COVER UP THE MENA HOAX AT ANY COST CARTEL" and their heros (sic) . . . . If your name doesn't belong here, let me know and I will retract it. . . .

My response: In a long list that is actually comical, I am included and identified as "ex-DEA Agent Jean Duffy" - typical of how sloppy Bottoms is with facts. I am an ex-deputy prosecuting attorney, and I spell my name DUFFEY. I enjoyed seeing my name on that list and would like for it to stay there.

Jean Duffey