Subject: Jean Duffey et al Challenged
        Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 19:12:09 -0600
        From: Mark Keesee 
Organization: ID Media
  Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

Posted for Jean Duffey

> Bear Bottoms Comment: > I posted this to the ciadrugs list this morning. I also > sent a copy to the Arkansas Chronicle to a reporter > I have established contact with. Let us see if the > challenge is accepted. It is time for this to be > exposed. > > >.Excerpt from Jean Duffey Tirade against Bottoms: > > I also had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bill > > Duncan last week. He said he has never talked to you > > directly, indirectly, or in any other form. Bill was > > very offended to hear that you are saying he agrees > > with you. Bill suggested that we challenge you to come > > to Arkansas and take a lie detector test. You have been > > caught in too many lies, Billy, and the lies you told > > about Russell and Bill is just the beginning. > > Billy Bob Bottoms Comment: > Jean Duffey, I have accepted your challenge. I also made a > counter challenge You challenge, I accept. Why do you remain > silent? Why do you ignore my acceptance of the challenge you > put forth? You created the challenge with your lies to Duncan. > Hello, I accept your challenge. Will you accept my counter > challenge? > > My counter challenge is simple. Jean Duffey, Bill Duncan, > Russell Welch, Eugene Wheaton, Terry Reed, L.D. Brown, > Chip Tatum, William Bottoms, and any other “authority” on the > subject meet in Arkansas, with media coverage, for a debate > and polygraph exams. This would settle the Mena issue once > and for all. There is only one reason I can think of why you > would remain silent or not accept this counter.

Your "counter challenge" is absurd. I can just imagine the questions that I would be asked about the drug smuggling operations and other crimes of Mena: Question: Mrs. Duffey, what did you see? Answer: Nothing. Question: What did you hear? Answer: Nothing. Question: What did you do? Answer: Nothing. Test Results: Mrs. Duffey is telling the truth.

Polygraph tests are for suspects, criminals, and witnesses; not investigators. I'm an investigator. I have no personal knowledge of anything. I have to rely on information given to me by the suspects, criminals, and witnesses. You, Billy, are a criminal. You have knowledge of your crimes. A polygraph is suppose to help determine if you are telling the truth about what you saw, heard, and did. Then the investigators can make a better judgment call on the credibility of your information.

I'll keep your "counter challenge" in mind though, the next time I represent a client who is asked to take a polygraph. I'll just have him or her say to the cop, "I will if you will." Good one, Billy. Attorneys are always looking for new ideas to help their clients, but the idea has to at least pass "the laugh test," and yours doesn't.

As far as having some kind of public debate with you - only in your dreams, Billy, would I dignify you with my presence. Linda Ives and I have worked very hard to bring recognition to our story and merit to our message. A public appearance with either of us would bring you attention and credibility, and I am just not going to be a part of that. Nice try, though.

Jean Duffey