The Kevin Ives Civil Justice Foundation

How much can the mother of a murdered child endure? The initial pain was crippling, and while the killers have been protected from prosecution for nine years, there has been no relief from the tragedy. Linda Ives has watched the thwarting of six investigations, and when the FBI shut down its own investigation in November of 1995, Linda abandoned all hope of the killers ever being indicted or prosecuted in a state or federal criminal court. Although civil litigation is usually about money, it is also about accountability, and this is Linda's only interest. She wants Kevin and Don's killers to be held accountable for their heinous crime, and she wants to expose those responsible for protecting them. To accomplish this, Linda must first raise enough money to hire a high-profile attorney that will not be intimidated by the political ramifications of this case.

The first step toward attaining that goal was establishing a non-profit account called The Kevin Ives Civil Justice Foundation. Then, Linda and Jean Duffey began promoting Obstruction of Justice through talk-radio and other media forums. Jean and Linda do not earn a penny of the proceeds from the sales. Instead, one hundred percent of the money earned by them goes into the Fund. Now, Linda and Jean have authorized the production of this web site through which more proceeds will hopeully be generated from the sales of Obstruction.

Not only is Obstruction a powerful documentary that every American citizen should see, the purchase of every video will bring Linda closer to getting Kevin and Don's killers into court. Contributions will also be greatly appreciated.

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