Saturday, December 07, 1996

A 1990 federal grand jury heard enough evidence to indict several Saline County public officials for drugs and racketeering....but, after Jean Duffey provided U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks with evidence that linked the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry to drugs being dropped from planes, Banks began to dismantle the grand jury investigation. Jean and her drug task force agents were never called to testify! Banks dismissed the jurors without asking for indictments, telling them it was a felony to discuss the case with anyone. Duffey was contacted directly by one juror, and indirectly by two, and informed they were unanimously ready to indict Dan Harmon and other public officials.

"It's 1990 All Over Again!" The latest federal investigation into corruption in Saline County, Arkansas has been going on for over a year. If the government doesn't hear from you, another grand jury will be dismissed in a few days without any significant indictments. The very people responsible for the murders of Kevin and Don....and subsequent cover-up will again be cleared of all charges of racketeering.

Please express your concerns to the four individuals below....or....print out "It's 1990 All Over Again" and fax it to them.