Update: January 19, 1999

Bipartisanship Outrage

by Jean Duffey

It has been nearly four months since my last update, but there hasn't been much to report since we filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in the law suit against our video. While awaiting a ruling, I turned my attention to the disgusting charade being played out in Washington. There truly is a spirit of bipartisanship among the participants, but it is a bipartisan conspiracy to cover-up real crimes. My outrage with all involved - Bill Clinton, Kenneth Starr, and every member of Congress - is also "bipartisan."

Several years ago, I met a reporter, I'll call Charlie. He is now investigating for CNBC's Geraldo Rivera -- running down fraudulent activities of "right-wing conspirators." Charlie contacted me last summer when he found my name all over the expense account of one Tom Golden, an investigator for Richard Mellon Scaife. Golden claimed several dinners with me in Houston, Dallas, and Hot Springs and a breakfast in a high-dollar hotel in Dallas. The fact is, I talked with Golden twice on the phone and never met him.

While I am offended by Golden's lying and cheating, I am sickened by the amount of money thrown away by Scaife to dig up dirt on Clinton, irrespective of the credibility of his sources. If Linda and I had a fraction of Scaife's money and resources, the "train deaths" would be solved, George Bush and the CIA would be labeled the gun-running/drug-smuggling operators they are, and Bill Clinton would be defending himself against irrefutably impeachable crimes for his participation as the protector of the Mena operation. But Scaife is obviously not interested in seeking truth and justice; his interest is purely partisan politics.

Charlie called again last month, asking about a video he had seen of me speaking with legislators in Congressman Bob Livingston's office. The meeting was in the fall of 1994. Pat Matrisciana had tried to persuade me to tell of my Arkansas experiences on a new production that was to become "The Clinton Chronicles." I refused to go public while still working with the FBI, but Pat persuaded me that his Republican friends in D.C. should hear about Saline County Prosecutor Dan Harmon running a criminal enterprise, U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks receiving a federal judgeship nomination after clearing Harmon, and the FBI confirming the connection between the "train deaths" and Mena drugs.

I sat in Livingston's office with Pat and John Brown. Several Congressmen and Senators' aides filed in and sat across from us. I spoke first and highlighted my story in about 15 minutes. When I was through, Livingston asked, "But what do you know about Bill Clinton." I said, "Other than an informant's testimony to a federal grand jury that Clinton snorted cocaine, nothing." At that point, the attention turned to John Brown, who mouthed a lot of gibberish about Clinton and the Mafia - expounding on tales he had heard but possessed no evidence of. After Brown wound down, I asked why none of them were interested in the cover-up of Mena crimes. Livingston said that Barry Seal was dead and the drug smuggling operation died with him. I tried to argue, but was cut off and ushered out of the office.

After relating the story to Charlie, I asked what he knew about Congressman Leach's long-anticipated report on Mena. Charlie told me he has a friend close to the House investigation who told him the report was not to be released. "Why?" I demanded. Charlie's source told him, "The investigation exposes two Presidents as primarily responsible for the Mena operation, and one of them is not Bill Clinton."

The way I see it, our illustrious leaders from both sides of the aisle are nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical, egotistical, amoral, ranting fools - and that is likely an understatement. They will go down in history as sex-scandal mongers who ignored and denied real crimes to protect their own. Kenneth Starr is no better. As early as 1995, Starr's investigation linked the 1987 murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry to the Mena operation and linked Clinton to its cover-up.

The harsh fact is, Mena was a bipartisan operation and will continue to receive bipartisan protection. There is a complete lack of concern for what we, the people, want. Virtually powerless, Linda Ives is left to seek accountability in civil court, because the government won't seek justice in criminal court.

Linda, however, is one step closer in her quest. We received a ruling on the motions filed by both parties in the suit against our video, and we are most pleased. Although it would have been in Pat Matrisciana's best interest for the judge to dismiss the suit, the ruling was as good as it could get for Linda's interest. The judge ruled in our favor on every point of law argued in both briefs. The plaintiffs' motion to exclude evidence was denied as was their motion for summary judgment.

Pat's motion for dismissal was denied because of factual disputes in the record - namely, John Brown telling one story and everyone else on Pat's side telling another. John will now have to take the stand on risk of perjury. For the first time, after more than eleven years since the murders, a jury will hear evidence of the cover-ups perpetuated by the State Police, the U.S. Attorney's Office, and the FBI. Linda will finally see the evidence put before twelve citizens -- people not involved in politics, corruption, or cover-ups.

A trial has been scheduled for July 26, 1999.

Happy New Year to all,

    Excerpt from:
    Update, Saturday, March 07, 1998

    Clinton's connections to the "train deaths" may be indirect, but the connections are too numerous to believe he has no interest in the cover-up.

    Some connections are:

  • Clinton steadfastly supported Malak in spite of public outrage over his asinine ruling that the boys had fallen into a marijuana-induced sleep on the tracks and let the train run over them. But when Clinton decided to run for president, he lied about being involved in the negotiations to ease Malak out of his job and to find another position for him.
  • The acting directors of the crime lab were told to back Malak's ruling, and Clinton was the only person to whom the directors answered.
  • An FBI agent said the State Democratic Party Chairman, Lib Carlisle, called the state capital to call off the state police investigation of the "train deaths."
  • Don Birdsong was one of the first state police investigators put in charge of the "train deaths" investigation, which was nothing short of a sham. Birdsong was later given a job as the state police liaison to the governor.
  • Robert Shepherd, who was appointed by Governor Clinton as the state's drug czar, interfered with three separate investigations of the "train deaths." He tried to convince the U.S. Attorney's officer that I was crazy. He warned John Brown to back off. And he attempted to intervene in the FBI investigation.
  • When asked by Sarah McClendon about Mena, Clinton lied when he said, "The local prosecutor did conduct an investigation based on what was within the jurisdiction of state law." The truth is, the local prosecutor requested funding for an investigation, and although Clinton gave lip service about getting the money allocated, no money came and no investigation was conducted under state law jurisdiction, and Clinton knows it.
  • After working with the FBI for 18 months, I predicted another shut-down when the Mena connection to Kevin and Don's murders became incontrovertible. The agent did not believe me and said, "Who has the power to shut down an FBI case." My answer was, "who, indeed?" The FBI's case was shut down in November, 1995.
  • After it's investigation came to a screeching halt, the FBI forwarded its files to Paula Casey, and to this date she has failed to act or even comment on the validity of the evidence against several suspects, including Dan Harmon.
  • Not only was Linda Ives placed on Clinton's "enemies list" she was singled out by White House Counsel Mark Fabiani to reporter Phil Weiss who wrote The New York Times Magazine article, "Clinton Haters." Of all the Clinton "enemies" listed in the White House "conspiracy commerce report," why is Linda Ives important enough to be specified? Do they know something we don't?

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