Subject: Mean Myth Conspirators?
        Date: 7 Jan 1997 16:48:41 -0800
        From: Bear Bottoms
Organization: Zip News
  Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

I have made new revelations about the GREAT MENA HOAX. No attempt to verify my claims, it appears, has been made. A lot of attempts to silence and discredit me have been made. Why? Don't get me wrong, I am not being sensitive. I couldn't have asked for a better response to my revelations. To anyone with any intelligence, it should show that there is a:"COVER UP THE MENA HOAX AT ANY COST CARTEL" running rampart on the internet, the mediia, and within our government. It is very easy to prove that I am who I say I am. It is very easy to prove that my revelations are true. Too easy in fact. Why hasn't that been attempted? After over ten years of controversy, a verifiable witness exposes hisself and the media ignores it. The government ignores it. The internet buffs try to discredit and silence it. Why?

This is a rare opportunity to disclose a CONSPIRACY HOAX. and the people behind it. It is also a good opportunity to ask why the smoke screen was there for so long when mounds of known evidence existed to debunk it. What is it hiding? Who hid behind it?

I can list many of the members of the "COVER UP THE MENA HOAX AT ANY COST CARTEL" and their heros. I will do a review of my notes to identify more of them, as I am sure that there are so many that I will not be comprehensive in this post. Help me do this.

If your name doesn't belong here, let me know and I will retract it if there is evidence of it. If your name should be here and it is not, let me know and I will add it.

Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Sen. D'Amato, Sen. Jim Leach, U.S. Congress, The Republican Party, The Democratic Party, Department of Justice, CIA, FBI, DEA, DIA, IRS, U.S. Customs, Special Prosecutor for Senator John Kerry Jack Blum, Arkansas Attorney General Winston Bryant, CIA's Inspector General's Office, The House Subcommittee on Crime, Louisiana and Arkansas Federal and State Enforcement, participants in numerous federal and state investigations, Arkansas Attorney General's Office, 1985 President's Commission on Organized Crime, National Security Council in 1988, Federal Middle District of Louisiana, DEA director Jack Lawn, DEA Spokesman John Hughes, CIA Director Bill Casey, US Attorney General Edwin Meese, William J. Hughes, Lawrence Walsh, Craig Gillen chief investigator on the staff of Lawrence Walsh, U.S. District Judge Frank J. Polozola, US Attorney Stan Bardwell, Al Winters, Charles Black, Mark Swaney, Tom Brown, Steve Ganis, Democratic whip in the U.S. Congress Bill Alexander, La State Trooper Lt. Bob Thomasson , Henry Elmer Holmes, IRS Agent Bill Duncan, Polk County Ark Sheriff Al Hadaway, Mark Oxley, Congressional General Counsel Haydon Gregorie, DEA Agent Celerino Castillo III, Ark. State Trooper Larry Patterson, Ark. State Trooper Steve Clements, Ark. State Police Commander Finus Duvall, Arkansas State Attorney General Investigator Barry Boshears, Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson, ex-Arkansas State Trooper L.D. Brown, U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, Revenue Agent Elmer Holmes, .IRS Spokesman Henry Holmes, State Policeman Col. Donald Brisolera, Dick Morris, DEA Country Attache Costa Rica Bobby Nieves, ex-DEA Agent Jean Duffy, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Ross Perot, Harry Browne, Ralph Nader, Dewey Clarridge, Caspar Weinberger, John Pointdexter, William Henry LaRoche, Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Julius "Doc" Delaughter, Kenneth Starr, Senator Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, Senator Diane Feinstein, DEA Assistant Administrator Frank Monastero, DEA Deputy Assistant Administrator Dave Westrate, DEA Chief of Cocaine Desk Ron Caffrey, Kennedy Grafinrid Assistant to President Reagan, Greg Johnstone Office of Indian Affairs, Gen. Paul Gorman Commander Southern Forces Central America, Terry Capehart Polk County Deputy Sheriff Investigator,

Indicted Terry Reed, convicted drug smuggler Michael Tolliver, Eugene Wheaton, federally convicted Chip Tatum, convicted drug smuggler Jorge Morales, Richard Brenneke, Arms Dealer William Holmes,

Gregory Wierzynski, Kevin P. Craddock, Roger Morris, Sally Denton, Penthouse Magazine, John Cummings, Jack Anderson, Sarah McClendon, The Nation, The Village Voice, American Spectator Magazine, London *Sunday Telegraph, Marvin Lee of Washington Weekley, Mosaic Press, The Association of National Security Alumni, Rodney Bowers, Mara Leveritt, Ambrose Evans Pritchard, Micah Morrison of WSJ, Maria Henson, Jeffrey Stinson, Michael Arbanas, Joe Nabbefeld, Marc Francoeur, Max Parker, John Crudele, Lee Hancock, Hugh Davies, Mark E. Howerter, Randall Terry, John Bennet of Citizens For Honest Government,

, Citizens For Honest Government, Bill Plante of CBS News, CBS News Producer Mike Singer, Mark E. Howerter, Lars-Erik Nelson, Debbie McKim-Brown, Alexander Cockburn, Scott Wheeler, Paul DeRienzo, Susan Schmidt Washington Post Staff Writer, Jonathan Kwitny, Wall Street Journal, Tim Weiner Special to The New York Times, Anthony Kimery, Michael Haddigan,

Bear Bottoms Private Attorney General