Subject: The Mena Myth is over
   Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 20:38:25 -0600
   From: "William Bottoms" 
     To: "Linda Ives" 

The Mena Myth is over. I appreciate anyone's position and quest for their cause, but Mena is no longer a viable source for any agenda.

In your case Mrs. Ives, apply your talents to uncover the mystery behind your cause without allowing the Mena Myth to obsure your search. It is a proven smoke screen. A copy of this was sent to Ms. Duffy. I am sorry for your loss and I hope this helps redirect you.

The only two investigators who looked into Mena, Bill Duncan and Russell Welch now know that Mena is a Myth. Sen. Leach has admitted recently on C-Span that there is not as much at Mena as origionally thought. He said he might release a report soon. I would advise everyone to put pressure on your Congressman/woman to force a report from him. We paid for the investigation and we deserve a report. Sen. D'Amato has long since abandoned Mena. Ken Starr will also abandon Mena. Sally Denton just surrendered. Hers and Morris' story "The Crimes of Mena" was a hoax. I am not sure if they knew it. It is not important as is the fact that one must be very careful what one believes and reports about.

There are a lot of stories out there that fit the same pattern. Do not be gullible and certainly do not let such serve your agendas as in the long run it will hurt more than help.

The Mena Myth is over.

Bear Bottoms Private Attorney General