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Subject: Jean Duffy refuses resonable dialogue 
Date: 4 Jan 1997 08:04:16 -0800

Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater 
From: Bear Bottoms

I contacted Jean Duffy via email and called her 800 number. She did not respond to my email to her. I talked to Mark, the webmaster at her web site ( ) and spoke with him for almost an hour. He took my number and said he thought Ms. Duffy would be very interested in talking with me about this subject.

She didnít call. She and I know why.

The email I sent to Duffy was to inform her that her search for the solution to the train death incident in Arkansas where two boys were found dead on the railroad tracks should be well served by information that Sealís organization had nothing to do with the incident. She would only waste valuable efforts in pursuing answers to this mystery by looking into possible connections with Sealís organization.. As I have said, she hasnít responded in any manner. Why do you think so?

My converstion with Mark for the first 15 minutes was a battle over his belief that Mena had a lot to do with their problem. By the time the conversation was nearly over, he was amazed at some of the revelations I informed him about. He was no longer sure of what he had long believed as told by Ms. Duffey. He said he would relay my number and was sure that Ms. Duffy would call me. Ms.

Duffy has not responded in any way. If you had suspicions about Sealís organization and had an opportunity to interview his chief pilot, what would you do? Ms. Duffy is supposed to be a trained investigator.. Why would she not at least interview a key player especially when he offers?




Ives-Duffy investigation into the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry