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Subject: Jean Duffey et al Challenged
Date: 27 Jan 1997 09:26:54 -0800
From: Bear Bottoms
Organization: None
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

Bear Bottoms Comment:
I posted this to the ciadrugs list this morning.  I also
sent a copy to the Arkansas Chronicle to a reporter
I have established contact with.  Let us see if the 
challenge is accepted.  It is time for this to be

> Excerpt from Jean Duffey Tirade against Bottoms:
> I also had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bill 
> Duncan last week.  He said he has never talked to you 
> directly, indirectly, or in any other form.  Bill was 
> very offended to hear that you are saying he agrees 
> with you.  Bill suggested that we challenge you to come 
> to Arkansas and take a lie detector test.  You have been 
> caught in too many lies, Billy, and the lies you told 
> about Russell and Bill is just the beginning.

Billy Bob Bottoms Comment: 
Jean Duffey, I have accepted your challenge.  I also made a 
counter challenge  You challenge, I accept.  Why do you remain
silent?  Why do you ignore my  acceptance of the challenge you 
put forth?  You created the challenge with your lies to Duncan.  
Hello,  I accept your challenge.  Will you accept my counter

My counter challenge is simple.  Jean Duffey, Bill Duncan,
Russell Welch, Eugene Wheaton, Terry Reed, L.D. Brown,
Chip Tatum, William Bottoms, and any other  “authority” on the 
subject meet in Arkansas, with media coverage, for a debate
and polygraph exams.  This would settle the Mena issue once
and for all.  There is only one reason I can think of why you
would remain silent or not accept this counter.

You lied to Duncan when you told him that I have proclaimed
that he agrees with me.  I have not, nor have I ever said that I 
have spoken with Duncan.  There is a clear reason behind that
tactical lie.  I have never asserted that I have talked to Duncan.  
You lied to him about this.  Anyone can check my posts and verify
this.  It is you who are caught in lies Jean Duffey.  What are you

I told no lies about Russell Welch.  In fact I posted his emails to 
me which justifies my comments about him..  It is you who are 
lying Jean Duffey.  My assertions about Russell Welch are twofold.
He only developed enough evidence to produce a conspiracy to
smuggle cocaine against three people.  He admitted to me that 
Terry Reed is a lying “asshole.”  I posted the email in which he
said this.  Where are the lies Jean Duffey.  It is you who are on a
slanderous misinformation campaign.  What are you trying to hide?

Why did you feel the need to go on a hysterical slander campaign
of lies against me?  Why would you lie so blatantly when my 
posts are there for everyone to see?  Why did you feel the need 
to lie to Duncan?  It is very easy for anyone to verify who is lying
here.  It is you Jean Duffey.

Mena as it relates to Seal is a Myth.  Duncan found $300,000
paid to and laundered by Fred Hampton.  Welch had no hard
evidence.  He developed a conspiracy to smuggle cocaine case
against Seal, Hampton, and Evans.  Both of these investigations
were belated.  Seal’s organization had already been caught and
Federal agreements made which precluded Duncan’s or Welch’s
cases to go forward.  The only way they could have produced a
prosecutable case was to have found something unrelated to these
agreements.  They did not.  No other evidence has been found to
justify the Mena Hoax.  The few people who have alleged any 
Contra or CIA complicity only said so and have no supportive
evidence.  That is why I want them to take polygraph exams. 
Even without polygraph exams, they can be proven liars.  Reed
already has been.  That basically leaves Wheaton, Tatum, and 




Ives-Duffy investigation into the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry