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Subject: Jean Duffey is a manipulative liar
Date: 26 Jan 1997 17:08:04 -0800
From: Bear Bottoms
Organization: Zip News
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

Bear Bottoms Comment:
Read my previous posts. I have never said that
Bill Duncan ever agreed with me. Jean Duffey
told this to Bill Duncan on the telephone by her
own admission and post. She deliberately lied to
Duncan. The reason is obvious. She is on a 
propaganda mission to discredit me because I
am debunking the Mena Myth which is obviously
dear to her. My question is why is she so upset
that Mena as a Hoax is being exposed?

>Excerpt from Duffey's tirade:
> I also had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bill 
> Duncan last week. He said he has never talked to you 
> directly, indirectly, or in any other form. Bill was 
> very offended to hear that you are saying he agrees 
> with you. Bill suggested that we challenge you to come 
> to Arkansas and take a lie detector test. You have been 
> caught in too many lies, Billy, and the lies you told 
> about Russell and Bill is just the beginning.

Bear Bottoms Comment:
Why did you tell him I said I talked with him. I never
said this. Why did you tell him I said he agreed with
me? I never said this. These are outright lies to Bill
Duncan by Jean Duffey. Her purpose is clear. I
accepted the challenge for a lie detector test. I also
countered with an offer to settle this onee and for all.
A public debate with all involved with Media coverage
and lie detector exams for all. No reply was made to
this offer. Regardless, I will still take a lie detector test.
Forward this to Duncan. Duffey you are a slanderous
liar and intentionally trying to obsure the truth. Can't 
you be disbarred for such activity. I will try to find out. 
Does anyone know? Any attorneys out there have any
ideas on this?

> I have decided to take the time this weekend to post on 
> our website my take on your pathetic attempt to divert 
> people from the truth. I spent this past Saturday 
> afternoon with Russell Welch, and he in no way, shape, 
> form, or fashion believes that "Mena is a hoax," or 
> "a smoke screen," or "a myth." He says the 
> only - THE ONLY - thing he agrees with you about is 
> that Terry Reed is not who he says he is. However, 
> Russell knows much of the information Reed reports is 
> true, because Russell is the one who developed that 
> information.

Bear Bottoms Comment:
This statement troubles me greatly. I know Eugene 
Wheaton started the Mena Myth. I also know that 
Reed got his fabrication as it related to Seal from 
Wheaton. I do not know that Welch worked with 
Reed on his book as Duffey indicates. If Russell 
knows that Reed is not who he says he is why would 
he do this, if in fact he did. I do not know. Why would
Duffey say such a thing? She knows nothing about
Mena. Did Russell tell her this?




Ives-Duffy investigation into the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry